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대한민국 No.1 도서요약 - 북집




로봇 전쟁의 서막

제2차 세계대전 이후, 각 국가들의 군비 지출은 최첨단 소재, 우주항공, 정보 통신과 같은 첨단 기술의 개발로 이어져왔다. 이제 군사용 로봇에 대한 수십 년 간의 연구 끝에 인간이 아닌 로..


The Time for National Missile Defense Is Com..

When Ronald Reagan unveiled his vision for the Strategic Defense Initiative, often referred to in the press as the “Star Wars Program,” the primary threat to national securit..


The U.S. Economy Keeps on Booming

When a natural disaster practically wipes a major city off the map ?at least temporarily ?it should be expected to have a catastrophic effect on a nation뭩 economy. But althoug..


The Military Recruitment Shortfall

According to most reports in the media, the military’s biggest personnel problem is a shortage of recruits. The Army fell significantly short of its recruiting targets every m..


To Tell the Truth

The device that is widely used to detect lies today, the polygraph, is simply too unreliable. It is too inaccurate for the results to be admissible in court cases. A 2002 repor..