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대한민국 No.1 도서요약 - 북집




The Brave New World of "Brain Pills"

One of the long-held dreams of medical science is to find drugs that will increase intelligence and boost brain performance, aid concentration, and generally give us more contr..


Nutrition Deferred

Today, much of the world remains malnourished, despite the increasing availability of technological solutions to the problem. What we’ve done is defer nutrition for hungry peo..


The Great American Healthcare Re-invention

While there is much debate over what to do about healthcare in the United States, few disagree that the system has to change. Since 1990, the annual cost of medical care has sk..


New Weapons Are Poised to Win the Battle Aga..

For people of any age, the word “cancer” has carried dire connotations for generations. Until recently, that ominous sense of cancer as a killer was literally true, at least ..


"Doctor on Call" Redefined

Anyone who has ever had to wait for hours in a doctor’s office or an emergency room knows the feeling of frustration involved in accessing health care, not only when you need ..