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대한민국 No.1 도서요약 - 북집




의료 서비스의 진상 규명

심장질환은 여전히 미국인의 사망원인 중 1위를 차지하고 있다. 매년 심장발작으로 고통 받는 수십 만 명의 미국인들이 존재하고 이들 중 일부는 살아남지만, 이 질환의 결과는 삶의 질을 현..


Biotech and the New Era of Germ Warfare

Every year, a deadly illness kills 100,000 Americans, more than the combined deaths from AIDS and breast cancer, and it costs the nation $30 billion.


The Fabulous World of Bio-Fabs Arrives

Malaria kills 853,000 children under the age of five every year. Some 3.2 billion people in 107 countries are potentially at risk for catching malaria. Up to 500 million people..


The Biogenerics Market Outlook

Everyone is familiar with generic drugs that were once proprietary. As soon as the patent runs out, companies rush in with their version of a popular drug.


The Brave New World of "Brain Pills"

One of the long-held dreams of medical science is to find drugs that will increase intelligence and boost brain performance, aid concentration, and generally give us more contr..