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대한민국 No.1 도서요약 - 북집




It's the Values, Stupid

In recent years, Americans have been battered by Bill Clinton’s sex scandal, the terrorist attacks of September 11, and the corporate excesses of Enron, Disney, and WorldCom.


The Search for Meaning

If you were to chart the objective indicators of social welfare since World War Two, you would see an across-the-board increase in such objective measures as per-capita income,..


Choice Overload

In today뭩 marketplace, consumers are bombarded with more choices than ever ?yet they are increasingly less satisfied. Whether they are buying a car, choosing a cell phone plan..


Faith at Work

There may be a separation between church and state, but the old unwritten rule about separating religion from the workplace is losing its power.


The God-Gulf

As we get further into the 21st century, we’re approaching a sociological and political “tipping point” similar to the one that we encountered in the mid-1960s.