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대한민국 No.1 도서요약 - 북집




Software Wars Challenge Industry Players

The Massachusetts computer and software industry is legendary.


The Era of Absolutely Fabulous Manufacturing..

Only 30 years ago, it seemed inconceivable that most American households would have their own computers.


Voice Recognition Is Finally Starting to Mak..

Voice recognition software has been around for a long time but, according to Computing1 magazine, the number of potential users far outnumbers the actual users.


New Tools Help Companies Manage Unstructured..

Ten years ago, it appeared that corporations were about to enter the golden age of information management. For decades, businesses had been gathering data about their customers..


The Economics of the "Long Tail" Is Transfor..

Most people have heard of the 80-20 Rule. It was formulated in 1906 by an Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto. In its original form, it states that 20 percent of the people..